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  1. Have the courage to set up your goals!Have faith and belief that you can succeed!Realize it with a real struggle!You can become the person you want to be!!
  2. Love and attention is power!If all of us are willing to share love and attention towards people around us, then life will be happier and more meaningful.
  3. Misunderstanding and aversion arise due to improper comments.Being able to control oneself, knowing when to be quiet and when to talk is a wise attitude.
  4. Determination is the source of motivation for progress and success!Those who have steel-like determination can create whatever impossible to be possible.
  5. Our true selves are human beings!There is no reason why we should feel either smaller or less significant than others.If they can succeed and so can we!.

From: book of 15 WISDOM SUCCESS and writed by Andrie Wongso

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