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  1. As Long as we have a wish, persistence and determination, a bar of iron when continually rubbed will turn into a needle.Start having determination now!!!
  2. Behind all the blocking stones there must be a blessing in disguise, and there must be a lesson that can develop our mentality. Face every blocking stone bravely.
  3. Don't be afraid to try!Don't be afraid to start!If you have fought your best, whatever the result is, the fighting spirit it self has the success value in it!Never regret!
  4. A well-trained habit will create mastery!Let's keep maintaining and improving the habit of success thinking!Having success attitude!So that all will form the success character which will drive us to the top of success.
  5. The ability to communicate properly and positively is a must for everyone who wants to achieve any kind of success in whatever he does.

From: book of 15 WISDOM SUCCESS and writed by Andrie Wongso

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