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  1. When we succeed, we are thankful.When we fail, we are so thankful.The true happiness and wealth are in the thankful attitude itself
  2. Persistence is an undying spirit that must possessed. With persistence and consistent effort, the success that we have will definitely be that of best quality and can be proud of!
  3. When dealing with emotional people, we need patience.And even more, when we ourselves are in the condition, we need patience. Patience is the gem of life.
  4. The power of well-trained and focused habits on goals will change the impossibilites to possibilities!Whatever unable to able!
  5. Take doubts and mockery as a leverage to strengthen our will and fight with our best ability. Prove to people that all dreams can come true.

From: book of 15 WISDOM SUCCESS and writed by Andrie Wongso

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